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This tool is inspired by the pingpong bot. Use at your own risk. No warrant.
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Nash Maker Bot


This tool is a simple market making bot that will place BUY and SELL orders at the best price. No fee excepting the taker strategy. It is non-custodial and runs on your browser locally.

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Order book for market btc_usdc
Select or drag and drop your API key file (json)
Your API key is not sent to Internet and not stored. Check it yoursef in Chrome DevTools. You can setup an API key on :
  • Taker :
    Simpliest strategy to generate VOLUME with profits. Will match the best bid in the book, then SELL at a better price (taker fee applied).
  • Spread :
    Will place both BUY and SELL orders at the same time. Replace an other pair when one order is filled. See advanced settings to set the number of orders.
  • PingPong :
    Will first BUY, then SELL with profit. This strategy is suitable for markets with a clear trend.
  • Robocop :
    Will first BUY, then SELL aggressively at spot price. Be aware that there may be slight losses, in case there are no immediate takers.
Choose BUY_THEN_SELL in uptrend market, or SELL_THEN_BUY in downtrend. Will get profit in
Market you want to trade
The amount you wish to use for BUY and SELL orders. Make sure to have sufficient usdc in your trading contract for the first BUY.